Brychetech Internet Solutions is a Philippine based development company specialising in creating web tools and designing beautiful and responsive themes to its clients since 2009. The themes designed by our company have been well received by our clients and also have helped us to expand into developing web applications that is intuitive and easy to use.

Brychetech is the brainchild of two well experienced, technically talented and young system developers. After working on numerous projects on different high-profile companies, the two combined and build Brychetech Internet Solutions to provide solutions that work for the long term.

Centriforge Team

Combining skills of creative design, knowledge in various platforms and a passion for keeping up with emerging technologies and techniques, Brychetech aspire to become one of the leading web apps provider in just a few years.

Bryan Briosos


Bryan has a passion for web design and development ever since. He prides himself in keeping abreast of the latest technologies and languages along with the newest trends in website and User Experience Design.

Bryan is responsible for developing new applications, adding new features, designing themes and supporting clients.

Cheryll Dupaya


Cheryll is a BSCS graduate and has a post-graduate certificate specialising in web development. She has a passion for designing functional, beautiful, and long-lasting products that will leave an impact.

Cheryll is responsible for front end sites, photoshop designing, theme maintenance and helping out where ever else she's needed


Director for Happiness

This energetic shih tzu dog makes sure to greet everyone in the office upon arrival. He spends the day chewing, sleeping, playing and licking on staff members when they get sleepy.


Asst. Director for Happiness

He was the Director for Happiness before Hachiko was born. Because he is now too old to handle the position, he turned it over to his son, Hachiko.

Hyper is now enjoying taking a long nap without thinking of his work.